Stump Grinding & Tree Root Removal

Once a tree has been removed there will be a stump remaining that will often takes years to rot away. DS Trees also offers the service of Stump Removal.

Offering service’s in the Auckland and greater Auckland area. We have 3 grinders to work with from a hand held grinder through to a large track grinder, so no access is too hard.

If you would like advice on any stump removal – even if it is an old stump then call us today and we can advise you on your best options.

Our grinders remove stumps and roots to below ground level, to enable a new garden or lawn to be laid out.

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Our Other Services


Do you need to have a tree pruned? We have a team of highly skilled arborists who will come in and take care of it for you with no fuss.


Our qualified arborists are able to remove any tree no matter the challenges. We can tackle any situation whether it be via harness, crane or even helicopter.


Our grinders remove stumps and roots to below ground level, this enables a new garden or lawn to be laid out with no sign of the original stump.


Regardless of how large or small your hedges are, we will always shape or trim them to your requirements. We offer this as a regular service also.


If you experience storm damage with broken branches or toppled trees we will get a team out ASAP fix the problem and get the site safe and tidy again.


If you have a section going under construction and needs a full clearing of trees, shrubs and all other vegetation we are able to do so for you.

Shelter Belt

When shelter belts become too large, unhealthy or no longer needed. We offer the best advice on maintenance and removal.

& Mulching

We will chip all limbs and brush to keep the site clean. We will take it away or place the mulch in your garden if you would like us to.


Mulch is an important addition to any garden and saviour to your gardens during the hotter months. We deliver it by the truckload.