What time of the year should I prune my trees?

Most trees can be pruned at any time of the year, although some fruit trees should not be pruned at certain times. More important is the quality of pruning, as poor pruning can cause long-term problems.

My tree has grown too tall – should I “top” it?

Generally, no. With most trees “topping” can completely stop growth or result in a misshapen tree, and is considered poor pruning practice. Crown reduction and canopy thinning will result in a healthier and better-looking tree.

Do I need to be home when you come to work on my trees?

No. All our machinery is powered by petrol or diesel motors (no power required) and all we require is that you ensure that we have sufficient access to the property.

And all work to be done is clearly noted on quote.

When Stump Grinding whose responsibility are the underground services?

The customer is responsible for all underground services and drainage, but we will endeavour to locate these and avoid any possible damage. If we feel that there may be a problem, we will not proceed without checking out the location of the services. In most cases the services are well below the depth to which we grind.

Do we have insurance?

Yes. We carry Public Liability insurance up to $2,000,000, but as stated, the customer carries responsibility for all underground services and drainage on the property.

How soon can you do the job?

Urgent jobs can often be done the same day, or within just a few days of notification.

Will I have a mess to clear up after you have finished?

No. This will be discussed at quotation stage – we can either leave mulched material on site, or remove as required.

Can you remove a tree including the stump, in a confined area?

Yes. We have portable equipment which can be used in most situations.

Can I plant another tree or a garden in the same place as the removal?

Yes. Stump grinding leaves a very fine mulch which can be mixed into the surrounding soil enabling further plantings.