Covid-19 Safe Working Procedure

We expect this safe working procedure to be followed at all times until further notice.

DS Trees procedure has been designed around the guidelines set out by the Government when working under different levels during covid-19

The Health and Safety of each individual must always be the paramount consideration.
Our objective is to minimise any possibility of community spread of Covid-19 between Staff, clients and members of the public

General – 1m distance rule with crew members – 2m distance rule with customers


  • All Staff are to keep management up to date of health conditions, if you have been in contact with anyone with or suspected of coronavirus you are to alert Management immediately and do not come to work until cleared.
  • Staff not to come to work if suffering any flu like symptoms such as cold, cough, sore throat or fever.
  • Do not accept food or drinks from Customers
  • NO handshakes
  • NO sharing of equipment
  • NO sharing clothing

Use of Public Areas and services

  • Minimise use of Public areas ie: Public Bathrooms, playgrounds etc during work hours
  • Should you come into contact with any area that could have been in public contact wash your hands immediately and sanitise.

Yard Procedure

  • All staff members are to be responsible for their own equipment and tools. No one is to touch another crew members gear.
  • You must operate safely – keeping one metre between workers at all times, management will record who is working together each day and will make best efforts to limit interaction between groups of workers disinfecting surfaces, and maintaining high hygiene standards.
  • Gloves will be available at the yard at all times, These are to be disposed of at the yard in the company rubbish bin.
  • DO NOT leave in the truck or lying around the yard.
  • DS Trees Toilets and Office may be used but to be kept to a minimum. Hands are to be washed regularly and hand sanitiser is to be used.

Site Procedure

  • To minimise any risk while on site keep all gear locked in truck unless in use
  • You must operate safely – keeping one metre between workers, limit interaction between crews, disinfecting surfaces, and maintaining high hygiene standards
  • Each Truck will be supplied with Gloves and Rubbish bag.
  • These are to be disposed of at the end of every day in the company rubbish bin
  • DO NOT leave in the truck or lying around the yard
  • No handshakes with staff or customers
  • All work sites are to be closed off to public access, Hazard boards must be erected on all sites and a physical barrier using cones is to be put in place on any access ways to the site.
  • There is to be no close contact with customers. Customers are required to keep a 2m distance at all times, preferably they are to remain inside
  • The only exception to the social distancing rule in in aerial rescue situations. If this should occur continue to keep to the Staying Safe and Well procedures below
  • You are not required to wear any extra PPE during work procedures other than usual but you are required to keep good basic hygiene measures.

Travel / Vehicles

  • DS Trees truck drivers are to drive the same truck or vehicle for the period of level 2 and 3. If required to switch vehicles all surfaces, steering wheel etc are to be sprayed with disinfectant.
  • Gloves are to be worn during refuelling of vehicles and fuel cans.
  • All Vehicles are to be sanitised at the end of each day, along with climbing bags and equipment, anything that could have been in contact with public surfaces.

Tools and Equipment

  • All Staff members are to be responsible for their own equipment and tools. No one is to touch another person’s gear.
  • All vehicle tools such as saws and trimmers to be kept with the same crew where possible.
  • Should a groundsman need to assist the climber you can use gloves when handling the equipment then dispose of the gloves in the rubbish bag immediately. Do not leave on site or throw into the mulch bin.
  • You will be required to pack your own equipment in your vehicle each morning and each afternoon and handle your tools and bags.

Meal breaks

  • 1m distance to be maintained during meal breaks.


  • DS Trees Management will be alerting all customers to please refrain close contact with our staff members
    2 meter distance is to be kept between customers and DS Trees staff at all times
  • Should any party breach this, please ask them politely to keep the safe distance, should they proceed then contact Jess who will get in contact with Customer.
  • Do not enter a customer’s house unless it is an emergency, in this situation you are to keep a 2m distance at all times
  • If the customer is unwell please ask them to stay inside and we can talk to them on the phone with any questions you have regarding the job


  • All quoting must be done at a safe distance from customer
  • Avoid handshakes or other greetings involving touching of others
  • All quotes to be sent via email, photo or left in letterbox. No quote is to be physically handed to the customer
  • Customer to be informed of the above prior to site visit

End of day procedures

  • All tools and equipment including climbing bags, ropes are to be disinfected if available
  • All chipper handles, controls and areas of machines that could of been contacted by crew members to be disinfected
  • Tool box bins, cabs of vehicles, steering wheels to be disinfected
  • All Digger operations vehicles and equipment to be disinfected
  • All trucks and vehicle to be cleared of Gloves used throughout the day – To be placed in yard bin, not to be left lying around
  • If you are not coming back to the yard you are to ensure you leave NO rubbish or Gloves on site

Incident reporting

All incidents regarding breaches to the above procedures along to be reported immediately to Management

Staying safe and Well

At every alert level people should take measures to stay safe and well

  • Regularly disinfect surfaces
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and regularly
  • Don’t touch your face
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if you have flu like symptoms – call your GP or Healthline
  • Continue to seek primary medical care.
    disinfecting surfaces, and maintaining high hygiene standards.
  • If you feel unwell at any time you must notify management immediately
  • If unwell with any Covid-19 symptoms you may be required to stand down for 14 days or until recovered or cleared